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Ending A Relationship Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Does your to-do list look something like this:

  • Walk dog
  • Water plants
  • Break up with significant other

Okay, while ending a relationship is hardly at the top of anybody’s calendar, the fact is that when a relationship has gone sour, someone has to make a move to end it. Many relationships last long beyond the “expire by” date because breaking up is hard to do.

Sometimes a breakup happens dramatically with clothes being thrown out of a second-story window.

Other times, the relationship peters out until someone says, “it’s caput.”

How do you go about ending a relationship so that neither party gets hurt?

It would be best if you got clear on why you want to end the romance. The immediate reason that jumps into your mind may not be the real reason. Once you get clear, the next step in ending a relationship is to get honest. That means that in your discussion with your partner that you are true to yourself and them.

Schedule a mutually convenient time for the breakup. It is better to do it in person rather than over the phone, but if the distance is an issue in the relationship, do it sooner than wait for a time you can get together.

Get into a state of compassion when ending the relationship. If you want to stay friends after the breakup, you need to conclude the romantic ties with love and compassion.  

Don’t put your partner on the defensive. Talk about the things you’ve learned and the memories you cherish that have come from your love. Be present during the breakup. Your partner may become very emotional during this time. You need to respond to their needs.

Take nothing personally when ending a relationship. Your partner may say things they don’t mean. Let these words roll off of your back.

Your partner may need to meet with you more than once to conclude the relationship. Or they may need space. Give your ex what they need to get through the transition time.

But don’t let them make you feel guilty. You’re ready to begin a new phase in your life, and it will not include a romantic relationship with your ex. It is best if you keep a positive relationship with them, but if you are ending the relationship for the right reasons, it is best for both of you.

Should you ever consider reconnecting? Does ending a relationship always mean “the end, close the book?”

That is something you have to decide. Virtually all relationships can be saved if certain conditions are met. If you have the time and will try, you can get through this period as an even stronger couple.

However, if you are determined to walk away, it’s best to end a relationship with a clean break and move on.

Ending A Relationship Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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Ending A Relationship Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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