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How To Deal With A Break Up Your Heart Will Heal

Has your heart recently been broken? Do you feel that your life will never be the same? Do you wonder if you will ever get over the depression that has plagued you since he dumped you? Here’s how to deal with a breakup.

First, you need to permit yourself to mourn. A breakup is a sort of death, a death of a relationship. So, be prepared to deal with the magnitude of it.

One way to do this is to write. You can write poetry, prose, or music. But by letting your feelings turn into words on paper, you soothe your broken heart.

Another way to mourn is to talk about the relationship. You can turn to friends and family. But, be realistic about the amount of help your friends and family can give you. While they care about you, they will not let you bring them down with your tales of woe. So, let them help you, but don’t burden them. If talking to friends and family is not enough, consider going to see a therapist.

The next thing about how to deal with a breakup is to let go. Don’t harbor resentment against your ex any longer. Consider doing this exercise: write a long letter to your ex expressing all of your emotions. Then, burn the letter using a candle. This symbolic and ceremonial act can help you with the closure process.

Another way to let go is to give your ex back all of his stuff. For instance, if he lent you his sweatshirt one evening, don’t hang on to it; give it back. And, if he has anything of yours, ask for it back. Also, don’t leave little things around that remind you of him. If you can throw these things away, do it. If not, box them up and put them out of sight for the time being.

Clear out any pictures you have of him. But do nothing dramatic like throwing them away or burning them. When you have some perspective, you will want to look back on this time in your life and have some photos. So, box them up for the time being.

The next thing is dealing with a breakup is to cut off communication for a while. Please don’t plan to call, text, or email him, and don’t encourage him to talk to you. Take a break from each other. Don’t check your Facebook or Myspace page to see if he’s written anything. Make a clean break of it.

Finally, consider taking other guys up on their offers to take you out. Even if they aren’t the cutest or the most popular, going out on dates again will get you back on your feet and restore your confidence.

I assure you that your heart will heal. And that’s how to deal with a breakup.

How To Deal With A Break Up Your Heart Will Heal

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How To Deal With A Break Up Your Heart Will Heal

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