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How To Get Over Being Dumped 7 Strategies For When Your Ex Has Called It Quits

Do you know how to get over being dumped?

Here are seven things you can do when your ex has just called it quits.

1.) Spend some time mourning the relationship

If the relationship were important to you, you wouldn’t just be able to “walk away” casually. It is a kind of death. One thing you can do is to write a long letter to your ex about the relationship. But don’t mail it to them. Burn it over a candle. This is a symbolic way to bring closure to the relationship.

2.) Exchange all of your “things.”  

Another symbolic (and practical) thing you can do is exchange all of your things for others. This provides both physical and emotional cleansing. You don’t want to have things around that remind you of your ex. But you also don’t want to have the exchange lingering over your head.

3.) Go to the gym

Getting back into shape has multiple benefits for you:

  1. If you are depressed, working out gets your endorphins working, which will lift your mood.
  2. The act of working out brings you back into contact with other people.
  3. As you look better, you will feel more attractive, which can help you move on.

4.) Another step in how to get over being dumped is to get reacquainted with old friends

Sometimes, when you are in a relationship, your world revolves around your girlfriend or boyfriend. Old friends fall by the wayside because you don’t have the time to nurture your friendships. This is a good time to reconnect with the people you love platonically.

5.) Start A New Hobby

If you were with someone for a long time, you probably had interests that got suppressed because your ex wasn’t interested. Sometimes this meant that you dropped an old interest. Other times, you developed a curiosity about something new. In either case, pursue this interest or hobby.

6.) Get involved in something larger than yourself

One thing about mourning a relationship is that it is easy to get self-absorbed. But, when you throw yourself into a larger activity than yourself, you break that mold. Think about the volunteer activities you can get involved with. Find one that you care a lot about. If you don’t have any ideas right away, most communities have a list of voluntary activities on a website.

7.) Date Again

If a cute guy asks you out, go even if you are not all that interested in him. If a cute girl starts to flirt, ask her out. This doesn’t have to be the greatest relationship of your life. But just having a date or two gets you back into the game. The sooner you can start casual dating again, the sooner you will heal.

Practicing these seven steps will help you when you are trying to figure out how to get over being dumped.

How To Get Over Being Dumped 7 Strategies For When Your Ex Has Called It Quits

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How To Get Over Being Dumped 7 Strategies For When Your Ex Has Called It Quits

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