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Loving Someone Means Letting Them Go

When we hear the words “letting go” or “loving someone,” our minds often think of letting go of old habits and communing with our higher self.

Or at least, letting go of the ways that do not serve us or others. While letting go may be necessary in order to move on, loving someone doesn’t mean letting go.

Being in love is choosing to be loved. Loving someone is choosing to let go of unhealthy patterns and behaviors that hurt and/or neglect us.

Most of us have been conditioned from an early age to think that we need to be independent and self-sufficient.

We are taught to value ourselves by how much money we earn and what our educational background is.

We are taught that a successful life requires that we get a good job and get married and have children. All of these things are important to our sense of self-worth.

Unfortunately, many of us are still living in the illusion that these things are essential to our being happy and fulfilled.

Our ideas about self-worth are often based on our experiences and failures in our childhood. We feel inadequate if we don’t have a good job, a secure home, and a number of children.

So, we feel incomplete without all of those things.

It’s important to remember that the self is part of the whole. What matters to one person might not matter to another.

Our sense of self is a construct of our inner world. We are all unique individuals experiencing different things and emotions.

The truth is, loving someone means letting them go. Once you understand this principle, you can begin to truly be contented and happy.

True happiness does not come from a stable, comfortable, and secure place. True happiness comes from growing into who we are as an individual and trusting ourselves enough to grow beyond those limits.

Growth in this area of our lives is particularly important for those of us who were never able to love unconditionally.

Those of us who fell victim to our parents’ expectations and who grew up believing they were bad. The only way we can grow beyond these negative beliefs is by understanding what love is all about.

We have to come to terms with the fact that all of us have an innate ability to be happy. Our happiness is not dependent on others, or on what anyone else thinks.

Loving someone also means letting them go when it is appropriate. Those of us who have been hurt by someone else should learn to say “no” when it is appropriate.

Insecurity and fear are usually a reaction to situations where we are not sure how to behave. Being assertive instead of dependent can go a long way towards eliminating feelings of doubt and insecurity.

This advice applies equally well to relationships, co-workers, and employers. When it comes to people who affect us, it is important to express ourselves creatively.

Sometimes listening is a good way to do this. Sometimes it is better to be silent, and to simply let someone know why you are not feeling well.

Sometimes it takes putting your own emotions on hold to get through it.

When our partner or co-worker says that they do not feel well and we try to be supportive, this can work in some cases.

However, sometimes simply telling them that they are not well is enough. Sometimes it is more important to let them know that you are not feeling well than it is to tell them specifically what you need.

Let them know that you feel as though their treatment of you has hurt you deeply and to let them know that it is not your responsibility to take care of them any longer.

Letting someone go when they are no longer important is the ultimate show of love. This is not the same as saying that you no longer want them in your life.

No relationship is perfect. As long as there is love between two people, there will be problems.

When someone lets us go, it is an important message. It tells us that they are no longer of importance to us and that we no longer need them.

In some cases, we do not want to let them go. When they are no longer vital, it is better to leave them alone and let them feel that they are no longer a part of our lives.

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