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Relationship Breakups Are Hard But Heres 5 Strategies For Success

Are you ready to end a relationship? Breakups can be hard because you have invested a lot in the other person, and you don’t want to let go. Also, you have gotten used to each other, and there is a comfort zone in staying together.

So, here are some relationship breakups tips.

1.) Prepare your partner

One thing that can confound a person is when a breakup seems to come “out of nowhere.” If you see the relationship’s demise, it is only fair to let your partner know you should too. You can ask leading questions like, “do you see this relationship going anywhere?” You can also point out that other people find your boyfriend or girlfriend attractive, so they start to t there might be other fish in the sea.

2.) Choose the Venue

There are some places not to break up. For instance, never call it quits when one of you is driving. This can be disastrous! Instead, choose the location of your breakup carefully. Here are some thoughts:

  • Public Place – If your partner is prone to dramatics such as crying or temper tantrums, breaking up in a public place such as a restaurant can be the best bet. This is because the public nature of a restaurant or other such place can temper their outburst. If it doesn’t, you are free to walk out and leave them to be embarrassed alone.
  • Your Place – If you break up with your partner at your place, they may stay around and try to talk you out of it. You’re trapped because it’s not easy to leave your own house.  
  • Their Place – One of the advantages of their place is that you can break up and walk away. But, if you still care about your partner, consider that everything about their home will remind them of the relationship breakup after that. So, if they are sentimental, this can cause them pain in the long run.

3.) Let them know why you’re breaking up with them

It’s not fair to give a vague answer. If they have problems, they need to know because it can affect later relationships, and they’ll never know it. At the same time, if you are looking for more freedom, let them know that it’s not about them.  

4.) Exchange property and settle financial matters

It signals a complete breakdown of the relationship when you settle up financial issues and give each other your stuff back.

5.) Ask for a complete break

Tell them that you don’t want to have phone calls, texts, or other communication for a month or so. Tell them that it is better to have a real separation before any attempt at being “just friends.”

Any time a relationship breakups is going to be hard. You should do your best to make sure that it is as painless as possible. 

Relationship Breakups Are Hard But Heres 5 Strategies For Success

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Relationship Breakups Are Hard But Heres 5 Strategies For Success

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